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What To Know About a Merchant Services Career

Merchant services careers can be a very lucrative way to earn a living. Many people are drawn to the opportunity to set their own schedules and manage their own workloads. However, not every organization is the same. Read the following guide to merchant services work before you take your first steps into the field. It could help you get more from your new career.

Meet Two Merchant Services Workers

Meet Jess Davis

Jess works in credit card processing sales for a major bank. She thinks that having a Fortune 500 brand behind her helps her to sell more systems. However, she also finds herself chasing merchant business owners often. Jess believes that this is the only way to find success in the field. Nonetheless, she realizes that the buyers have a lot of power and choice, making selling challenging.

Meet Tom Johnson

Tom works in credit card processing sales but for Merchant Account Solutions. He loves what he does and finds that his hard work is directly tied to financial rewards. He is excited to talk to new merchants and sell them Merchant Account Solutions’ services and business solutions they offer. Overall, Tom believes that he is in control of his own career.

The difference between Jess and Tom is due to the merchant services providers they are working for. Tom is much happier because he is working with Merchant Account Solutions. As we explore the differences in working styles, it will become clear why this is such a difference-maker.

The Daily Schedule

According to the team she works for, Jess has control over her own schedule. However, the reality is that her demanding and ever-increasing sales quotas make her work long hours to keep up. Anyone who has worked in sales at a large business is likely familiar with this situation.

As Jess makes sales calls to businesses throughout the day, she often finds that she can only offer them slightly better rates. In many cases, this isn’t enough to convince them to switch. Even when they are interested, the benefits of working with Jess’s bank are not enough to get her clients truly excited about switching, When someone agrees to switch, the paperwork is significant. Jess wonders if all her hard work is really paying off.

Tom has a very different schedule. He has no quotas to keep up with. Instead, he simply needs to make enough sales to meet his own goals. With Merchant Account Solutions, he is free to decide how and when he will sell.

When Tom calls on business owners, they are excited about the low rates he offers. They also love the quality and usability of the equipment from Merchant Account Solutions. This isn’t just about saving 0.1% on sales; it is about saving time and money on credit card processing.


Like most people, both Jess and Tom are working to earn a living. They have bills to pay and mouths to feed. However, the way that they are compensated differs significantly.

Jess makes most of her money when she brings in a new client. Her residual compensation is very small. This means that she doesn’t earn enough from her existing portfolio of clients to pay the bills.

As mentioned above, bringing in new clients is difficult for Jess due to the weak offerings of her company. She has more than enough skill and works very hard. Despite this, she never feels like she is fully on top of her financial situation. She is making a lot of money for the bank without reaping the rewards herself. She also feels trapped in her work. Jess can’t stop selling because she needs those new clients to make her living. This prevents her from having time to invest in her future success.

Conversely, Tom receives significant residual compensation for his work. Credit card processing jobs at Merchant Account Solutions include generous rewards for maintaining a strong portfolio of clients.

Additionally, companies are excited to work with him because he can offer them benefits that other providers can’t. Therefore, he is able to grow his portfolio steadily and earn a living that reflects his hard work.

Just like Jess, Tom is dedicated to helping his clients and has strong sales skills. However, he feels more appropriately rewarded for his efforts. He can also earn enough in a reasonable amount of time. That means that he can invest in learning new skills and advancing his personal and professional life.

Starting Your Career in Merchant Services Sales

Working in the merchant services sales field can be a very rewarding and worthwhile career. However, the experiences of people like Jess and Tom can vary wildly. Many people find themselves stuck grinding to make new sales every day with very little reward. Others are able to earn a comfortable living by building and maintaining a solid portfolio of clients.

The key difference is the companies they work for. Many older credit card processing businesses are stuck in the past. They remember the days when merchants had no other options. So, they don’t sufficiently innovate to drive their marketing and sales efforts. They rely on their brand recognition to draw in merchants, an increasingly ineffective strategy.

Other businesses know that they need to keep pushing the envelope if they want to stay competitive in the industry. This means that their sales representatives always have something innovative and enticing to offer clients. Not only does that help with new sales, but it also makes those merchants more likely to keep working with representatives like Tom.

If you are looking at merchant services careers, you have a choice of where you will work. Do your research before you sign up with any organization. Make sure you know what the residual compensation will be and what the brand’s value proposition to merchants is.

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