If you specialize in face-to-face sales, you will need to contact the professionals at Merchant Account Solutions. Merchant Account Solutions has the integrated card services that are sure to please any business. Whether you need a credit card terminal or SmartSwipe, these solutions can save you money and time.

The Credit Card Terminal Should be Easy and Reliable.

The Nurit 2085 sets the standard for the credit card terminals. It allows the retailer to accept credit card payments over a traditional phone line. No matter what kind of machine you use, the products from Merchant Account Solutions process credit cards for free.

They Should Offer Security for You and Your Customers.

The e-commerce and virtual terminals offered by Merchant Account Solutions combine security with reliability. Payments with an e-commerce gateway are secure thanks to the Secure Socket Layer Technology. You can easily integrate an e-commerce gateway into your business, as it can be paired with 98 percent of all shopping carts.

You can use Smart Devices to Better Track Payments.

The SmartSwipe is perfect for a business that specializes in face-to-face sales, like a gas station or retail store. With the SmartSwipe, you can turn your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a mobile card reader.

The SmartSwipe allows you to immediately accept payments for your transactions with next day funding merchant accounts. The SmartSwipe is built with an item control feature that allows you to easily update product descriptions and prices. With SmartSwipe, you can enjoy more accuracy in your business, courtesy of the tax calculator and tip functionality.

Merchant Account Solutions has the integrated card services you need to grow your business. For many customers, using a credit or debit card is the only way to complete a transaction. Accepting cards is the perfect way to welcome a new customer base to your business.

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