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Clover SDK and Developer Kit

A software development kit (SDK) is a set of software tools and programs provided by hardware and software vendors that developers can use to build applications for specific platforms. These providers make their SDKs available to help developers easily integrate their apps with their services. SDKs include documentation, application programming interfaces (APIs), code samples, libraries and processes, as well as guides that developers can use and integrate into their apps. Developers can use SDKs to build and maintain applications without having to write everything from scratch.

While there are many SDK options for developers, partnering with Clover POS and Merchant Account Solutions will provide your app the exposure, brand power, and a robust open platform that spans the globe. Clover is one of the most recognizable names in the point-of-sale space, and is continually growing to provide powerful, innovative tools for small and medium sized businesses. By working with Merchant Account Solutions, we will provide you with a FREE software development kit (SDK), FREE hardware for testing, and the highest level of support and service for your clients.

We are one of the largest resellers of Clover devices in the country, and work directly with countless industries who would benefit from customized tools and applications that would help them with everything from employee management and inventory control to sales taxes and online ordering. Contact us TODAY to learn more about partnering with Clover POS and Merchant Account Solutions and receive a free SDK!


API & SDK Guidelines

All the information you need to properly work with the CloverR App and Integration Platforms.

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Sample Code

View our code from GitHub to help you start off on the right foot with the CloverR APIs.

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Experiencing issues with our API? Visit our Q&A Developer Community to get help.

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