Credit Card Processing Jobs Where You Can Work From Home

May 13, 2020

Your morning routine can become quite hectic when commuting to work while navigating traffic. It is much easier to have a work-at-home position where you can relax in the relative comfort of your home office. In the technological age, credit card processing companies will offer you a full compensation package as you administer their merchant accounts.

Merchant Processing

Credit card processing jobs are available in abundance. You’ll want to grasp the totality of the merchant services processing flow, which happens to be quite efficient. Merchants can sell their services online or at their store. When a customer places an order with a credit card, the payment is sent to a central payment processing center.

The credit card payment is then sent to the customer’s bank. The merchant receives an authorization code, and the funds are electronically deducted from the customer’s account and added to the merchant’s balance. The merchant and the customer will receive a final invoice for goods and services in the mail through their respective credit card companies.

Merchant Sales Consultant

As a stay-at-home worker, you can become a vital part of this process by selling merchant processing services to businesses. Sales consultants may earn commissions on initial sales and repeat transactions. Also, the sales consultant could earn commissions on the credit card processing fees that are above the costs of the merchandise or services. Credit card processing companies may have a few sales consultant positions available.

This sales career can become quite lucrative since you could be earning a lifetime of residual income. In this position, you would ask the prospective business for the credit card statement. When you review the credit card statement, you can suggest additional services to increase business efficiency. You could also offer ways to save the company money by reviewing sales volume with its respective credit card processing fees. You may obtain leads from the merchant or do some cold calling.

Customer Service Associate

Of course, not everyone likes to work as a primary salesperson to bring in clients and extra revenue streams for businesses in merchant services careers. In contrast, you can work at home as a call center employee. While speaking to business customers on behalf of the merchant processor on the phone, you would advise companies about additional goods and services, including:

Advising customers on merchant rates and fees
Upselling goods and services
Advising customers about credit card processing solutions
Offering customer service solutions for pressing issues

Business customers will contact you via phone to discuss their invoices and statements. You would answer their questions and make sure their terminals are working properly. Defective terminals may need trouble tickets for an inspection by a technician. You could offer loaner equipment or replacement point of sale — POS — terminals on an as-needed basis.

With so many options for a work-from-home position, merchant services careers offer you the chance to live a productive life with the flexibility to meet personal demands and goals. Research credit card processing companies online to understand which positions would work well for you.

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