How to Become a POS Reseller

May 15, 2020

A reseller traditionally markets IT products to customers; they are channel partners to IT companies. They link the company and the customer. In the POS business, resellers are primarily tasked with order fulfillment. For first-time entrepreneurs, POS reseller jobs may be an excellent option, but will require a lot of commitment and patience.

Why Become a Reseller

As a POS reseller you can easily source from a diverse pool of product selection. A POS reseller partner gets lower costs which in turn will lower their business costs. You will also find that starting your online reseller business is easier, and you may reap the rewards offered by the merchant. You will also obtain financial gains and be able to pursue your passion.

To become a POS reseller at Merchant Account Solutions, you will have to go through the following vital steps. Merchant Account Solutions will do most of the work, and as a partner you will receive the next generation of POS systems and support to resell.

Merchant Sign Up and Application Process

As a reseller, you will be required to sign up as a merchant on the Merchant Account Solutions website. Moreover, as a reseller, you have a variety of options that you can access such as credit card processing. When signing up you will be required to provide some information such as address, contact and financial details. The reseller will be expected to verify all the information prior to accessing their dashboards. Once you are fully acquainted, you will then be ready to handle POS reseller jobs.

Setup, Customization and Software Integration

Once you have verified your information, you become a POS reseller. You will have access to the software that you can use to test your peripherals, equipment and POS solutions. In the case of Merchant Account Solutions, you will be required to know how to integrate the POS with credit or payment processing services. Once set up, you will be required to conduct a test transaction.

Final Testing, Shipment and Installation

After successful quality control, checks and other tests have been performed on the POS system, the equipment will be tagged, labeled and packaged for shipping to the merchants’ premises. Once the client has received the POS system, they can call you as the POS reseller partner to assist with the installation. You are expected to engage the company’s specialists to help the merchants in connecting the various elements. Before going live, you will take the merchant through running a test to ensure that the POS system operates smoothly.

Interactive Training and Use

As a reseller, you should be able to carry merchant training through the creation of instructional videos or using a remote desktop. Once the merchant is ready to use the POS, the POS reseller partner will make a call to verify their ability, then give them the go ahead to use the POS system in their shops.

Merchant Account Solutions offers personalized payment solutions with which, as a reseller, you are expected to be well versed. The services are available to businesses in various industries and sizes. As a reseller, you should also be acquainted with the different payment processing options that Merchant Account Solutions offers its clients.

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