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Security is of the utmost importance when you run an online business. The right e-commerce platform gives you the opportunity to accomplish all your essential duties, such as processing credit cards and e-checks, billing customers, depositing funds and downloading reports quickly and efficiently. Fraudulent activity is automatically reported and 24/7 support is available anytime you need it through phone, online chat or email.


E-Processing Network

SmartSwipe Gateway

Get More Sales by Casting a Wider Net

One of the most challenging obstacles to many e-commerce businesses is establishing adequate credibility with potential clients. Once people trust you, it’s much easier to convert your conversations and contacts into profitable relationships. Make clients and customers comfortable by using Authorize.net to accept all of their most trusted payment methods. Get an efficient backend and quick low-cost processing in the bargain.

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Secure Payments, Put Your Customers at Ease

The backbone of every online payment system is a series of servers and other network infrastructure, known collectively as an e-processing network. The speed and security of every transaction depends on the quality of this network, whether it’s done with a traditional credit card or online payment alternative. Use a processing network with a reputation for quick and secure transactions to generate trust in online shoppers.

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Expand Your Options and Tap New Markets

Even dedicated online businesses might want to accept credit card payments during person-to-person transactions every once in a while. Streamline your operations by using the SmartSwipe integrated payment gateway. Combine your entire revenue flow into one easy-to-manage solution, increase security of transactions and even run real-time analytics for maximum organizational agility. Get ready to seamlessly offer your online products or services to your neighbors next door.

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Customers are the lifeblood of your commerce company. Today’s consumers expect businesses to keep up with their busy, on-the-go lifestyles. If you’re not providing your clients with top-notch, convenient services, your customer service may be falling short.

This is where Merchant Account Solutions can help. Since 2007, we have been offering innovative and intelligent point of sale solutions and systems to commerce companies big and small. Trust in us to provide only the best POS systems for your commerce business.

Top Commerce POS System

From the best e-commerce machine to a smart and savvy wireless credit card processing terminal, POS systems allow your customers to pay when they want, how they want, and where they want.

Merchant Account Solutions understands that your commerce company only deserves the best. This is why we take into account a wide variety of important criteria to offer only the finest POS systems on the market, such as Lightspeed and Clover.

From swiping and monthly fees, innovative touch screens, smart back-end amenities and built-in solutions, to ease of use and setup, Merchant Account Solutions is dedicated to finding the best point of sale systems for your business.

Increase Convenience, Increase Sales

It has been proven in a variety of studies that POS systems can increase commerce sales. Providing your customers with a convenient way to pay encourages them to buy more. Allow Merchant Account Solutions to provide your commerce business with the tools and technologies it needs to move merchandise out of the door. POS systems will help increase customer service, enabling you to keep up with busy, on-the-go consumers.

Trust in the 10 years of dedicated experience Merchant Account Solutions has to offer.

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