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POS Solutions for Your Dental Practice

Many children and adults already feel nervous about seeing a dentist, so there is no need to make the payment process as painful as pulling teeth. Patients do not want to worry about how they are going to pay for their procedure or checkup, so take the guesswork out by expanding your current system to include cutting edge tools and new functionality. We offer custom systems that can be tailored to suit your needs. Here is a look at what your practice stands to gain.

Upgrade Your POS With These Great Features

When it’s time for your patient to pay, a Revel POS system can make everything more efficient. With customer display, your employees and patients can interact easily, and touch-screen signature lets you save paper. Take advantage of customization options to also show your patient their next appointment. With all your appointment data in one place, you can access records and create reports showing how busy your practice will be in the coming months.

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POS That’s Easy to Use and Protects Your Patients

Another way to have everything in one place is with a Clover StationR. This tablet-based device lets you manage timesheets, process patient payments and run cash flow reports by pressing just a few buttons. This station’s clean lines make your countertop look professional, and the multiple functions in one place help declutter this space, too. Customization is possible with four USB ports you can plug any of your POS accessories into. Everything included comes with our security guarantee that protects you and your patients.

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Huge Power in a Small Size

If you want to start small, then the Clover MINIR is a great option that is scalable by adding other components in this POS line. This terminal has a small footprint, so you can maximize your counter space, but it is still robust enough to handle all your POS needs. Features that can help increase your efficiency include a full business dashboard and employee scheduling tools. You can also set your terminal to compute taxes and discounts, making the entire process streamlined.

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A Single Terminal for All Your Digital Transactions

For a POS solution that processes all major credit cards without taking up a lot of space, the Ingenico Terminal is what you need. This small card reader can also process chip ID and mobile pay, two payment options that have increased in popularity for their convenience and security. Feel confident in your ability to process transactions with our full support at no extra cost.

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Simplify Your Payment Process With POS Solutions

You understand that at your dentist office, it is all about comfort. To make sure your patients are comfortable, you take every measure you can. That should not stop once your patients are done receiving dental work. The payment process can be incredibly difficult, and a convenient and simple solution makes all the difference. Merchant Account Solutions provides modern point of sale systems that facilitate transactions seamlessly, quickly, and simply.

We offer machines that allow you to make every aspect of your practice to be professional. First of all, our machines are sleek and modern to be appealing. And, of course, they are perfectly secure. Both you and your patients can rest easy knowing the transaction is safely handled. Additionally, the POS system solutions from Merchant Account Solutions provide your patients with as many different options as possible. No matter which payment method they prefer, you can offer it with one of our machines. That is not only convenient for your patients, but it is a professional service that all but expected in the modern business world. Do not lose patients simply because they prefer to pay through a method you cannot facilitate.

We also provide a wide range of POS system machines. No matter what you are looking for, we have a machine that suits your needs exactly. From newer technology to tried-and-true classic machines, you can find it through Merchant Account Solutions. Each machine offers its own set of advantages, and accepts different kinds of payments, so you can find one that offers exactly what you are looking for.

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