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Make your business efficient and customer friendly. Food and beverage solutions provide establishments of all types with the proper equipment to succeed. Customized payment processing, inventory tracking and time sheet management give your unique business what it needs to run like a well-oiled machine. Your customers and employees will notice the difference as errors are eliminated and hassle is minimized.

A Seamless Solution for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

Increase staff efficiency with a novel POS system available through a mobile iPad. By carrying the device, efficiency is increased. Managing orders, splitting bills, taking payments and keeping track of seating is done without wasting time walking back and forth to a stationary POS system. Customize Touch Bistro to your liking by creating staff profiles, editing menu items and arranging a floor plan.

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Serve Your Customers With Ease

A quality retail POS makes managing rush hour easy. Processing customer payments is done in a snap with a POS module that is functional and intuitive. Included features such as general ledger, purchase orders and payroll accounting give you everything you need to quickly resolve financial problems and keep your guests coming back for more. Advanced security protects your business from hackers and viruses.

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Conquer Rush Hour

Work the smart way. SmartSwipe takes your food establishment to the next level by integrating it with cell phone technology. Your employees can now accept credit card and debit payments through an iPhone or iPad. Capturing signatures, adding tips and sending receipts is a breeze with an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. As safe and reliable as a stationary machine, the convenience and efficiency of this device is second to none.

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Run Your Business the Right Way

Keep your customers focused on the food and entertainment, not on your outdated POS terminal. Terminal Solution is a modern, secure setup able to process payments in a blink of a eye. Apart from advanced hacking protection and an intuitive platform that makes refunds or cancellations easy, this device also assists with inventory management, menu creation, tip tracking and customer profiles.

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From food trucks to pay-at-table restaurant establishments, food and beverage companies are taking full advantage of point of sale services and products. Since 2007, Merchant Account Solutions has been offering food and beverage businesses the most advanced POS technology on the market.

In order for your restaurant, bistro, or bar to stand out from the competition, you must offer quick and easy customer service options. That’s where POS solutions come into play, catering to busy, on-the-go patrons by offering them a way to pay swiftly and securely.

Best POS System for Restaurants

From wireless credit card services to affordable merchant account rates, Merchant Account Solutions offers a plethora of POS services and products to keep your food and beverage company moving at the speed of light.

Merchant Account Solutions is dedicated to offering the best POS technology available. Hence, we consider a variety of important factors to deliver only the most useful POS solutions. These include monthly and swiping fees, ease of use, and setup and back-end features. Additionally, we employ built-in-solutions, hardware, and customer relationship management. Some of the innovative products we rely on include the Clover Go, the Clover Go Chip Card, Clover Mobile, Lightspeed POS systems, and Revel POS systems.

Move at the Speed of Light

Having a point of sale system so your guests can pay by swiping, dipping, or tapping is essential for great customer service. In today’s fast-paced mobile world, your company has to be able to keep up.

Merchant Account Solutions has the best for your business in mind. For over a decade, we have catered to small and large food and beverage companies, only offering the best POS solutions on the market.

Trust in them to keep your bar or restaurant operating at the speed of light.

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