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Offering Smooth Transactions for Your Clients

Your clients are already dealing with joint or other pain, do not let POS transactions be another one to endure. With no contract and no setup fee, we can have your office running at peak efficiency in no time. Plus, our systems are simple to learn, so there is little downtime while your staff learn to handle the new devices. Here is a look at what you can gain by using one of our custom systems.

Going Paperless Has Never Been So Easy

Working out the schedule of your employees and clients is easier with a Revel POS system in place. Feel secure about your ability to process transactions with Always On mode, which allows your system to work even when the internet is down. With customizable customer display systems, you can show your client how their transaction is being processed while saving paper by allowing touch-screen signatures.

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Style and Functionality in One Place

A Clover StationR is a great way to combine a stunning look for your countertop with quality functionality and efficiency. This tablet-based system is easy to use and customizable to fit within the needs of your practice. This system is ready to go right out of the box and even includes an offline mode, so you can always process transactions.

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Everything You Need in a Small Package

When space is at a premium, the Clover MINIR has you covered. With a robust hardware package, you don’t lose out on functionality by going smaller. Starting with a MINI also gives you scalability options by letting you add more accessories as needed, such as Clover FlexR or Clover MobileR. Every piece in this lineup comes with out 24/7 support and cyber security functions that protect you and your clients.

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Easily Handle Digital Transactions

You can turn your chiropractic practice into a cashless facility with SmartSwipe technology. This solution comes with functions to process digital transactions and deposit the funds directly to your accounts. You can also communicate with your clients via SMS and bulk SMS services that can send receipts, appointment times and notices about special offers and discounts.

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Process Multiple Payment Methods With One Tool

Advancing technology means clients have more ways to pay, and the Ingenico Terminal is here to help with that. With chip ID, mobile pay and the standard magnetic reader, you can process all the common payment methods that come through your doors. This small terminal won’t take up a lot of space on your countertop, and it comes with our full support in case anything goes wrong.

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Using POS System Solutions To Improve Your Chiropractor Practice

As the owner of a chiropractor practice, you know the importance of providing a convenient and comfortable experience for your patients. Merchant Account Solutions helps you accomplish this by providing simple and accessible point of sale system technology. Learn more about how our POS systems make a huge difference in many chiropractor offices just like yours.

Merchant Account Solutions provides sleek and modern machines that are as appealing as they are functional. By choosing to take advantage of our machines and install one in your chiropractor office, you are showing your patients how professional you are. In addition to their aesthetic, they facilitate payments quickly and conveniently, reducing the effort your patients need to make while reducing the time they wait to pay. With our POS system machines, you are able to provide your patients with the best experience possible, both while serving them and afterward when they are getting ready to pay. There is no reason the entire experience of visiting your practice should not be as convenient as possible. That is the kind of service that inspires patients to return in the future.

With a POS system from Merchant Account Solutions, you can accept any kind of payment your patients want to use. Everything from credit cards to EVM chip cards to contactless payment methods, we allow you to have as many options as possible. It is just one more aspect that your patients appreciate. When they have more options, it is all the more convenient for them to make their payment.

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