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Your Customers Came for Water Sports, Not Transaction Trouble

Your marina thrives when customers feel great coming back and recommending your service to their friends, so don’t drop the ball by overlooking your point of sale system. With new, intuitive features and tools that accept all the latest payment methods, you can expand your customer base and offer streamlined transaction processing to everyone.

The POS System Designed With Marina’s in Mind

iMarina is a POS system uniquely designed for marina-based businesses. With an interactive marina application, you always know which slips are available. This function updates in real time to prevent double-booking. You’ll also have payments, invoices, and crew manifests all in one place. This management software can be downloaded to multiple mobile devices, giving your employees the freedom to work independently.

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Manage Customer and Employee Interactions

When you are looking for ways to optimize your customer interactions, Revel systems offer self-service kiosks and loyalty programs all on intuitive tablet-based designs. A Revel POS system does more than improve your interactions with customers, you can also track and manage your employees. Within this product you can set automatic timesheet updates, including overtime compensation.

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A Sleek Solution to Your POS Needs

A CloverR POS system is a great way to improve functionality for your transactions while also upgrading the look of your counter with something sleek and modern. Some features that help you increase your business revenue include gift cards, reward programs and online transactions. Other features that help manage your employees and cash flow include employee scheduling and a comprehensive business dashboard. These features are all protected by our great security.

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Everything You Need in One, Small Package

The Clover MINIR is a robust option if you are lacking space. This small terminal has great potential and can be coupled with other CloverR accessories as your business grows. Although it is a smaller terminal, it still has functions necessary for running your business, such as customer discounts and employee scheduling. This, and all other CloverR products, comes with 24/7 support and cyber security to protect your data and your customer’s financial record.

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Protect Your Customers With Transaction Security

The Ingenico Terminal is a card reader solution that handles all common payment methods, such as chip ID and mobile pay. Since magnetic strips are still being used, that method is covered as well. You know your transactions are protected because this terminal meets all industry standards and has certified transaction security. This terminal can be bought or leased, and we provide three months of no-interest financing.

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Boost Your Business with Real-Time POS Solutions

Streamline the operations of your marina with a cloud-based POS solution. Take control with powerful tools that help you run your business and position it to grow. Accept slip reservations, pre-bookings and modifications real-time, from your physical location or online, then manage it all from one screen. Because updates are recorded immediately, double-bookings are eliminated

Set-up categories with costs, descriptions and images for popular or similar items to find them quickly. Add modifiers, with or without associated pricing so that the correct total is automatically calculated at the transaction time. Track sales and manage inventory from anywhere.

Turn any tablet or smartphone into a point of sales system with mobile applications. They can deliver full inventory access for updating product names, prices and quantities in real time. View and interact with all of the on-water and off-water services offered. Check-in customers and offer receipts on the spot, without heading back to the office. Wireless solutions can combine Bluetooth receipt printing and a cash drawer, making retail purchases a breeze. The user interface is intuitive and integrates with the online solution.

Reduce your carbon footprint by offering the option of digital receipts. Customers can choose to receive a text or email in this eco-friendly receipt solution. Track client purchases and record preferences to organize client data with buying behavior. Reporting enables you to see purchase trends and the most popular reservation times to help you organize operations more efficiently and offer enhanced customer service.

Today’s point of sale systems can be easy to set up and use. Encryption technologies enable secure real-time payment transactions for the availability of next day funding. Track transactions and keep financials current to know precisely where your business stands. Cloud-based solutions may allow you to get analytics and reporting for a fraction of the cost of traditional point of sale systems. Not only can you stay on top of back-office tasks, but you can also engage your customers and generate leads like a pro.

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