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Track your sales, manage inventory and time sheets, and attract customers with point of sale systems and terminals. Accept and process credit and debit card payments, whether traditional, chip enabled, or touchless, and watch your customer and donor base grow. Our appealing designs and powerful software keep the business side of your non-profit up and running.

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Power Your Non-Profit With the Power of Clover Donate Here

Keep your non-profit on track and accept credit card donations anywhere with the Clover Donate Here consumer-facing system. Its clean design and powerful software make it the perfect solution for tracking all aspects of your non-profit, from recording donation collections to producing detailed reports. Use this all-in-one system to keep the donation side of your non-profit running smoothly.

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With Doughnate, Do Good While Doing Business

Select the non-profit of your choice and give back with every transaction. With Doughnate, the power of reliable charitable giving is in your hands. By simply connecting your merchant account with this non-profit solution, you give charities the freedom — and the funds — to focus their time on what makes them shine: helping others.

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Simplify Sales and Fundraising with an Easier Solution for Your Donors and for You

No matter your non-profit’s industry, with SmartSwipe you’ll have a point of sale system to accept donations and sales wherever you go. Track charitable funds of all types (cash, check, and credit card) and generate reports on gift-giving history. Print, text, or email receipts to your donors to simplify their tax reporting. Watch your donations and sales increase and your power to do good multiply!

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A Thriving E-Commerce Platform

Running a non-for-profit e-commerce organization entails keeping track of donations, sending emails and planning meetings. The right software simplifies these tasks and others that otherwise take up a lot of time. Manage inventory, print accounting reports and create employee profiles with ease through an intuitive, easy-to-use platform. Dependable and fast, you won’t have to worry about delays. Mistakes are greatly reduced and the workday a little less stressful if you invest in a quality e-commerce platform.

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The Right Impression for Any Non-Profit

With quality credit card machines, payments are processed quickly and you benefit from a lifetime warranty and free equipment. Concentrate on what’s truly important for your organization by eliminating the small mistakes that take up your time. The best way to do this is finding a reliable, technology-advanced terminal to increase efficiency and improve the reputation of your organization. A large variety of payment methods, including e-checks and swipe cards, are accepted.

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Non-profit groups and organizations not only want to make the world a better place, but they also want to make it easy for their members to donate much-needed money to support important causes. For more than a decade, Merchant Account Solutions has been helping non-profit groups, charities, businesses, and other organizations deliver safe and swift point of sale solutions. We know which products are the best and which ones will greatly support our clients. Isn’t it time your non-profit took advantage of today’s technology to help people donate in a quicker and easier way?

Top POS System for Non-Profits

Non-profits, charity groups, and other organizations can utilize POS products and services in a number of different ways, including offering easier methods for donors to contribute to their charities.

From a credit debit card machine to a portable credit card machine, Merchant Account Solutions provides non-profit groups with the best point of sale systems and solutions on the market. Take, for instance, the smart and compact Clover Go, which allows customers to swipe, dip, and tap to make payments from anywhere. Or the Lightspeed and revolutionary Revel POS software systems, which are some of the absolute best POS solutions on the market.

We stay at the forefront of the industry by evaluating several essential criteria and offering only the most innovative POS software solutions to clients. Our priorities are ease of setup and use, low costs and fees, and innovative technology. We utilize back-end amenities like inventory management, built-in solutions such as customer relationship management (CRM) software, and hardware like touchscreens and desktops.

Want to ensure that your non-profit group is offering quick and easy payment options to donors? Look at Merchant Account Solutions’ website to see everything that we have to offer!

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