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Every fuel station needs a solid system for handling customer transactions. Explore options, such as Ruby POS and Fuel for Clover, to quickly process transactions at any petroleum retailer. Both accept EMV credit cards, credit cards and Apple Pay, ensuring a fast and convenient payment process for customers. Customer transactions are handled securely, thanks to high-quality technology and innovative software.

A Convenient, Safe and Versatile Merchant System

The Ruby POS system allows merchants to take full control of their business. This secure system quickly adapts to any technological advancements, ensuring it is always up to the challenge. Accept credit card, EMV card and Apple Pay payments inside or allow customers to pay at the pump quickly and safely. It will evolve with the business, so there is no worry about having to work with out of date technology.

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Make Selling Fuel Fast and Secure

Fuel for CloverR operates as a full-service POS system for establishments selling gas. It is an all-in-one solution, replacing the payment terminal, barcode scanner, cash register and receipt printer with a suite of products that are fully integrated. Merchants can accept EMV chip cards, credit cards and even Apple Pay in a way that is secure, fast and convenient for all customers.

Get Customers on the Road with Pay at the Pump Terminal Solutions

Collect payments with ease with a pay at the pump terminal. Accept credit card and debit card transactions and watch your sales increase and your business grow. Enhance your reputation with customers by offering a secure, reliable, and easy-to-use transaction solution when they are eager to pay and get where they’re going.

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It takes a lot to keep your convenience store and gas station ahead of the pack. By offering speedy and secure payment methods for on-the-go customers, you ensure they can gas up and go in no time at all, vastly increasing customer service ratings. This is where Merchant Account Solutions comes into play. After nearly a decade of delivering top-notch point of sale products and services, we have become experts in the field, offering the best POS systems to an array of companies, both big and small.

Top POS System for Gas Stations

From merchant account processing to merchant account fees, Merchant Account Solutions has your business’ back. We offer only the best POS systems on the market, allowing your customers to tap, dip, or swipe safely and securely.

From the innovative Clover Go to the lightning-fast Lightspeed and revolutionary Revel POS software, Merchant Account Solutions is committed to delivering only the best point of sale software systems on the market. How do we ensure this? We set high expectations for our products and services, including ease of use and setup, as well as costs like monthly and swiping fees. Plus, built-in solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) software, hardware like a touch screen, and back-end amenities such as inventory management are all important features. All of these factors help Merchant Account Solutions deliver the best POS systems to clients.

Stay Ahead of the Pack

Set your gas station apart from its competitors by offering smart payment options, such as a pay-at-the-pump method. This will help busy customers get in and out in no time at all, saving time and helping you increase customer satisfaction ratings.

Trust in Merchant Account Solutions to give you the tools you need to succeed!

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