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Ideal Technical Solutions for Food and Drink Businesses

A micro brewery owner-operator has to think about many things, so the right technical solutions are required to help keep track of inventory, sales, and much more. Great technology from Merchant Account Solutions will have you maximizing available resources and accelerating growth like never before. We offer a host of point of sale solutions that are perfect for micro breweries and other specialty food and drink businesses.

Use the Powerful Clover StationR for Sales and More

The Clover StationR is one of the most powerful and versatile POS systems currently available. Sleek and stylishly designed, the Clover StationR is ready to go to work for you. A wealth of apps and other features are available to help you maximize its usefulness in a way that suits you best. If you like the Clover StationR, additional CloverR solutions are available, including:

  • Clover MINIR
  • Clover GoR
  • Clover MobileR

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Compact and Powerful Clover MINIR

The Clover MINIR is designed to take up only a minimum counter footprint while still having the freedom to flex and bend in any direction. This is the perfect POS system for compact sales environments, including environments with complicated sight lines. Load your POS system with apps that will help you do more – track sales and inventory, manage employees, and much more.

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The Advanced Revel POS System

The Revel POS system is especially advanced and is good for complex sales environments. In addition to the standard payment processing and inventory tracking that you would expect, Revel also gives you the ability to manage employees, generate reports, and create insights that will help you pinpoint areas needing improvement.

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Clover MobileR for On-the-Go Sales and More

The CloverR system is loved for its ease of use and intuitive interface, but the large Station cannot always go wherever your business might take you. If you are showcasing your products at a food and beverage festival, then you will need a POS system that is compact and fast as well as powerful. The Clover Mobile POS is the solutions you have been looking for.

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Alcohol Management

The robust customer-facing alcohol management app helps restaurants, breweries, and tap houses boost their sales and success. It integrates websites, mobile apps and social media and requires no extra specialized hardware. Its intuitive menu display features the beverage name, style, location, ABV & IBU; glassware used and pricing; real-time keg level display; color of the beverage; a “Just Tapped” indicator; a “Tapping Soon” feature that publicize new beers, and ads to promote upcoming events. The alcohol management app provides you interactive visual reports which helps you see the potential of the beers you serve.

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All-in-One Microbrewery Management

Your microbrewery is a unique element in your community’s culture, so smooth management is a must. Regardless of the size of your Microbrewery, your business would most likely benefit from a POS solution that takes into consideration every aspect of your daily operations. Manage tour bookings and keep tabs on your employees with a system that not only organizes those processes, but provides detailed reports on demand. Merchant Account Services provides POS solutions that consolidate business operations easily.
Does your brewery give tours? Equip your employees with our Clover Mini as they navigate through the sales floor to assist your patrons. The Clover Mini allows employees to check inventory, pricing and even complete transactions while on the move. Wow your customers with readily available answers from customizable product pages. Make your touring experience more dynamic with the ability to make purchases on while entertaining patrons.

Our POS systems come with the capability to accept credit cards, debit cards, contactless payment methods and cash. Many of our card readers are PA-DSS certified. The Clover Station provides an intuitive user-interface for simple item selection and transaction. All our systems can provide sales reports and assist in daily reconciliation.

Labor management is much more intuitive when it is a part of your POS. With most of our systems, employees can clock in and out from the POS terminal. As an added bonus, managers can view timesheets and monitor productivity remotely. Use a system like the LightSpeed POS to create employee schedules, view peak hours of productivity and more.

Keep your daily concerns focused on your customer experience and providing quality craft beers. Let your POS system keep your operational tasks organized so that you don’t have to. Merchant account solutions provides all-encompassing POS systems that handle more than just the checkout process. Browse our selection to find the terminal that best fits your needs.

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