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Offering pizza to the hungry masses every day of the week is a difficult endeavor, but we can make it easier with POS solutions that make customer transactions efficient. We can customize your tools to make the most of your current business model. Our software is compatible across multiple systems, meaning whether you choose Mac, Windows or Android, we can help streamline your transactions.

When Beauty and Performance Matter

A Clover StationR system combines the functionality you need for easy POS services while looking sleek and professional. Connect your POS components easily with four separate USB ports. Among your connections will likely be your internet access, and luckily for you, a Clover StationR continues to work even if your internet access disappears. This system also has excellent security features to protect you and your customers from hackers.

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Full Customization Options

Use Linga POS to give your customers full control of their pizza order down to the slice. This functionality comes standard with the Linga system and is just one of the ways to make your customer feel confident and in control. Other features include the ability to split checks and start a running tab. Like other great systems we offer, Linga POS will continue to work if your Wi-Fi- or internet signal goes down.

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Get the Best of Both Worlds

A Revel POS system has functions to make life easier for you and your customer. Manage your employees easily using your POS system by including passcodes and cardswipes for clocking in and general access. This system can also assist in making scheduling easier. For your customers, you can easily offer loyalty programs and quick service.

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Building, and Selling, a Better Pie

Bevo POS is customized to work well in a variety of businesses, including pizza shops. Easily keep track of phone, internet and in-person orders in one place. You can also allow customers to customize their pizza in four quarters, a definite win for families with a wide range of tastes. Discounts and specials are easy to add and keep track of so you can always offer your customers the best deal.

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Small Terminals for Easy Credit Card Acceptance

Use your existing cash register with an Ingenico Terminal to accept all major credit cards. The small size of this terminal means you don’t need to make a lot of room for it and your countertop looks less cluttered. Accept payments without worrying, the Ingenico Terminal has the best security possible and meets all the latest industry standards.

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A Management Solution in One POS

Perhaps people love your pizza shop because there, they can make fond memories while enjoying delicious food. The last thing your patrons think about is your POS system, but what takes place behind the scenes is what keeps your business running smoothly and enjoyably. Your POS system should enhance your customer’s experiences and Merchant Account Services has designed POS systems with this in mind.
The Revel POS system is one of an ideal system for a pizza establishment. The Revel streamlines online orders and makes it easy for kitchen and front-end staff to communicate. Another great option is the Bevo system, which provides a feature that lets customers build combos. Best of all, a manager can update the POS with special discounts, events and happy hour details from any location.
Integrate our labor management tools to save on labor management costs. Employees can to clock in and out from their own registers, and you can keep tabs on productivity remotely. Use a system like the Linga POS to create employee schedules, view peak hours of productivity and more. Best of all, the labor management information you collect is compatible with Quickbooks and Xero, saving time and money as you manage your bookkeeping.

Many food service establishments like the ability to consolidate multiple processes into one. With the Clover Station, customers may choose to have receipts printed on the spot or sent to their email. Make tipping much simpler using the Clover mini or the iPad interface. Customers can choose their tip amount while their card processes, eliminating the time-consuming tip-calculating process at the end of a shift.
Your point of sale system should allow the time that you spend providing great customer service, excellent products and great atmosphere to shine through. Merchant account solutions provides all-encompassing POS systems that handle more than just the checkout process. They ensure that your business management needs are met so that you can focus on growing your business.

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