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Quick Service Requires Quick Transactions

Your customers lead life at high speed, so you don’t want to be the one to slow them down. We will provide the proper solutions to succeed so you can customize your transaction systems to be fast, efficient and secure. Every restaurant is different, so you need a solution that fits both your budget and your needs. Everything you need to know to get started is right here.

Reliable POS in All Situations

A Clover StationR is a great option when your quick service location needs to reliably process transactions. That’s because this system works even if your internet doesn’t, so service drops won’t need to affect your bottom line. You can also track inventory and create employee work schedules all in one place. All these functions come with great security designed to protect you and your customers.

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Get Tracking Reports of Everything You Need to Know

One way you provide the best to your customers is with modifiable orders. A Linga POS system has that functionality built right in, along with others that are essential to quick service locations. These include taking to-go orders and delivery dispatch. You can also monitor your inventory from one place, just one of the many reports available to improve efficiency at your business.

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Multiple Tools to Manage Every Aspect of Your Business

Provide simple-to-use POS systems with a Revel iPad combo. With one screen for you and one for your customer, transactions are a breeze. If your location also needs more ways for customers to order, try out a self-service kiosk. This integrates seamlessly with your other orders for maximum efficiency. Also included are tools for you to manage employee schedules, customer loyalty programs and inventory.

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A POS System That Learns About Your Customers

Organize your dine-in and take-out orders with a Bevo POS system. This easy-to-use package is scalable for your business so you can offer more products and customer benefits as time goes on, such as loyalty programs. If your location accepts phone-in orders, you can integrate that customer data into your POS system to pull up their information via a caller ID function. To ensure performance during a power outage, you can upgrade your system to house a backup battery.

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Portable POS Technology With Superior Protection

With an Ingenico Terminal, you can feel secure knowing the latest industry standards will protect you and your customers from hacking. This portable and fully digital device can accept all major credit cards and contactless payments, track your inventory, and send email receipts. It can fit easily on a counter or be held for more mobile transactions.

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Keeping Your Quick Service Restaurant on Top of its Payment Processing Game

At your quick service restaurant establishment, you pride yourself in your ability to manage customer service, create a delicious product and provide an excellent workplace. Your point of sale system should combine all three of these priorities into one easily accessible solution. Merchant Account Solutions provides all-encompassing POS systems that handle more than just the checkout process.
Many of our POS systems allow you to manage labor more efficiently with time clock and scheduling software tools built in. Employees can clock in and out, and you can login from a remote location to monitor employee productivity. Use a system like the the Clover Station to create employee schedules, view peak hours of productivity and more.

Use this employee management tool with your accounting software. Our POS data is compatible with Quickbooks and Xero. Users have the ability to manage back-end finances, labor, sales and inventory costs in a consolidated software solution.

Though these tools are extremely valuable behind the scenes, the front end is where the Clover Station and Linga POS really shine in your restaurant. Both stations allow the front end and the kitchen to communicate seamlessly. The Clover Station makes it possible for patrons to split their checks easily. Best of all, a manager can update the POS with special discounts, events and happy hour details from any location.
You can dispatch delivery drivers, enable sales alerts to via text or email and take to-go orders. You can also easily create add-ons and upsell menu items, reducing the potential for a confusing situation between the front end and the kitchen.

Depending on your restaurant’s needs, you may print receipts traditionally, or provide customers with the option of receiving an electronic receipt. Some of our POS stations offer iPad and mobile interfaces to make tipping a breeze for customers and employees alike. Browse our selection and find the POS system that fits your needs best.

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