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Transaction Solutions for Your Wine Sales

Whether your winery aims to create a modern or rustic environment, your POS system needs to be cutting edge. Quick and efficient transactions help build a loyal following of customers who feel confident coming back to your establishment. We can help you choose the right hardware and software tailored to your particular business model to yield the best results. We also provide tools that can secure your transactions to protect you and your customers.

Scalability and Reliability in One Place

Want to manage your cash flow, inventory and customer loyalty programs all in one place? Now you can with a Revel POS system. These iPad-based terminals give you an easy way to process and track customer transactions. Are you also looking for a POS system that will grow with your business? Revel does that, too, with open API that lets you synch inventory numbers across multiple locations. This is especially useful if you run out of wine at one location and need to ship some from another.

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Easily Handle a Network of Shops

A common business model among wineries is to have multiple distribution centers, so how do you handle all your inventory across these different locations? OrderPoint Services are the way to go. This system provides management options for handling multiple shop locations and the flow of product between them. Use the data from your POS transactions to understand and predict the rise and fall of demand for your different products, making it easier to have what your customer wants, where they want to buy it.

Expect More Out of Your POS System

A Clover SystemR works when you need it to, not just when your internet is up. It is also easy to set up right out of the box so there is little downtime in switching from one system to another. The clean, professional lines of this tablet-based POS also mean your customers will not be looking at an eyesore while you process their order. You can also customize your transaction experience using up to four USB ports for your POS accessories.

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Small Terminals to Save You Space

A small transaction terminal means more space on your counter to display products or notices about special discounts. The Ingenico Terminal fits this requirement exactly. It synchs with your existing or new POS system to easily handle credit card and mobile payments. We also offer technical support to handle any issues that come up.

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Grow Your Business, One Sip at a Time

Winery owners and managers juggle a plethora of daily tasks, from the tasting room and inventory to accounting and shipping. A cost-effective point of sale software system that streamlines processes and handles front-office and back-office needs is crucial to growing the business.

Wineries can utilize full-featured payment solutions that offer the efficiency and structure of standard retail systems plus features that meet the particular needs of wineries to streamline processes. Effective systems increase communication between inventory and the tasting room. Employees can check the availability of specific vintages with a tablet in the tasting room and wine shop. This is a fun, agile way to answer questions and process payments quickly without creating lines at a checkout counter.

Credit card machines, POS and eCommerce solutions can integrate seamlessly, creating an online and in-shop presence with a single platform. Hospitality features such as wine club transactions, table management and tip payments give you the flexibility needed to engage and serve loyal customers. Capabilities can include processing transactions, tracking inventory and communicating about special events and new releases. Personalize each customer experience by tailoring the easy-to-use interface for exclusive perks and access to future promotions.

Accurately track sales of single bottles or cases. Reduce inventory by the glass or by the bottle as a result of wine tastings. Secure eCommerce and payment processing solutions enable secure payments for your customers, whether in person, online or via a mobile app.

Find out which wines sell the best, if tastings increase overall sales and even if special events have been beneficial to the bottom line with robust back-office reporting solutions. Sync the POS system with accounting software and avoid reporting gaps, errors and inconsistencies that come from running multiple systems. Access the dashboard for updates on how your business is doing, on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Discover which sectors of the company are the most profitable and how you can continue to grow.

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