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Point of Sale and Other Technical Solutions for Every Business

Tracking inventory and taking payments are just two operations that every business needs to handle effectively. Without the right technology, these tasks can become too difficult to manage and may leave owners with inaccurate information. Having the right POS technology will help ensure that accuracy is maintained at every stage of the sales process. Specialty retailers, like Cigar shops, need to think about how to obtain the right technical solutions for their companies.

The Clover StationR POS Handles It All

Retail POS systems seem to change every year, with new features being added all the time. While this can sometimes be overwhelming, ultimately this gives cigar shop owners the freedom and flexibility to customize a POS system to reflect their individual business needs. Today’s POS systems can do it all:

  • Inventory tracking
  • Credit card processing
  • Debit card processing
  • Receipt distribution via email

All this and more is bundled into an easy-to-use interface that puts sophisticated tools at your fingertips.

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SmartSwipe Mobile Point of Sale Makes Flexible Transactions Possible

Cigar conventions and other social events are an important part of the cigar and tobacco industry. Boost your sales at these events with the help of mobile point of sale systems. mPOS are able to quickly and securely process payments so you never have to worry about a line of impatient customers. Just swipe and sign to finalize the sale.

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Revel Point of Sale Offers Dynamic User Options

Any POS system is capable of processing payments, but specialty retailers often have specialty concerns; this means that they want something more from their POS technology. Revel is an excellent choice and offers dynamic user options that put more power in your hands without making you feel overwhelmed or overworked. This system is an excellent option for small businesses, especially those looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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Ingenico Terminal Keeps Pace With the Changing Payment Landscape

There are more ways to pay for goods than ever before, thanks to online payment platforms and other new advancements. Keep pace with emerging technology and make your wares available to a greater number of people by utilizing a POS system that has the capabilities to process diverse payment sources. The Ingenico Terminal is an ideal choice for businesses wishing to make many payment options available to customers.

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A POS System That Does More for Cigar Shops

Like many retailers, your cigar shop benefits from accurate reporting, inventory control and employee management systems. Merchant Account Services offers several POS systems that integrate these functions in one convenient location. The Clover Station and the PC America cash register bundles are ideal for retailers who want to update inventory in real time, while keeping track of labor time sheets. In addition, Merchant Account Services offers software solutions that let users run several different types of reports.
Both the Clover and the PC America systems have options to update inventory manually and automatically. The PC America system includes a barcode scanner for fast updates. The Clover Station provides an intuitive user-interface for simple item selection and transaction. Both systems can provide sales reports and assist in daily reconciliation.

The Clover Station is unique because of its options for customization. Try the Clover Flex if you’d like to assist patrons as you move about the floor. The flex also accepts card and contactless payments. Use Clover Go and Clover Mobile at trade shows and booths as a secure payment processing system on a smart phone or tablet.
The PC America system is an all-encompassing system that may be ideal for larger operations. Scan items, accept cash and process payments card and contactless payments through one easy terminal. Better assist customers who have questions about the availability of certain cigars by simply scanning the barcode and viewing the results.

Merchant Account Services also provides accounting software that is compatible with Xero and QuickBooks. Users have the ability to manage back end finances, labor and inventory costs in a consolidated software solution.

You invest a lot of time and money into providing the best customer experience, the best products and pleasant environment for your employees at your cigar shop. You deserve a point of sale system that combines the three of these priorities into one easy system. Merchant account solutions provides all-encompassing POS systems that handle more than just the checkout process.

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