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Retail businesses need to have a variety of technical solutions available to help them respond to changing circumstances. A point of sale system should give you the means to take your liquor store or other specialty storefront to the next level of productivity. Having the right POS solutions is a concern for every liquor store owner, so partner with Merchant Account Solutions to discover the sales and inventory management solutions that are best for your business.

The Dynamic and Powerful Clover StationR

The Clover StationR is an all-in-one POS system. It has the capability to:

  • Process credit and debit cards
  • Process EMV chip cards
  • Accept contactless payment options
  • Track store inventory
  • Manage employee time sheets
  • Make payments and print reports

It is powerful and dynamic; it handily accommodates a wide range of sales scenarios and customer payment options. With an astonishingly compact design, this POS is right at home in stores of every size.

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Springboard Is Here to Help

The handy little Springboard POS system is the perfect option for growing companies. That said, even companies that are long established and looking for a fresh approach to payment processing and other operations can benefit from Springboard. The power of Springboard really lies in their software; this intuitive and easy-to-use system gives you a wealth of tools right from the start. This is a great way to generate reports that make tracking sales trends simpler than ever.

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Clover MINIR POS Station

Anyone managing a small liquor store is always thinking about space usage. In places with barely enough space for inventory, the Clover MINIR POS station is an ideal solution. This compact system contains all the tools you need to process sales, track inventory, and much more – all without taking up unnecessary space. The compact design gives you greater freedom to place the POS in an effective and secure location; you never have to worry about sightlines in your place of business ever again.

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Revel Point of Sale Offers Dynamic User Options

Any POS system is capable of processing payments, but specialty retailers often have specialty concerns; this means that they want something more from their POS technology. Revel is an excellent choice and offers dynamic user options that put more power in your hands without making you feel overwhelmed or overworked. This system is an excellent option for small businesses, especially those looking for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition.

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Ingenico Terminal Has Every Feature You Want

The Ingenico Terminal is one of the most powerful and versatile POS systems currently available. Capable of handling all the transaction and inventory management operations that you would expect, Ingenico also gives you tools to manage fleet vehicles; this interface easily integrates with other software solutions for a more dynamic approach to doing business.

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A Simple POS Management Solution for Liquor Shops

Regardless of the size of your liquor shops, your business would most likely benefit from a POS solution that takes into consideration every aspect of your daily operations. The days of separated accounting processes are over. Track your whiskey sales, manage your employees and take note of peak performance hours with a system that not only organizes those processes, but provides detailed reports on demand. Merchant Account Services provides POS solutions that are easy to use and integrate your accounting needs into one space.

Many of the POS systems that Merchant Account Services provides come with the capability to accept credit cards, debit cards, contactless payment methods and cash. Card readers that are PA-DSS certified are available depending on your needs. Larger operations may appreciate barcode scanability, while smaller operations may prefer a more customized item selection experience. Keep your check-out process convenient with transaction hold and suspension capabilities.

Reduce theft and shrink with sophisticated and easy-to-use mobile devices and inventory tracking systems. The PC America POS system tracks item sales and inventory with its scanner. Equip your employees with Clover mini as they navigate through the sales floor to assist your patrons. The Clover Mini allows employees to check inventory, pricing and even complete transactions while on the move. Wow your customers with readily available answers.

Manage labor more efficiently with time clock and scheduling software tools that operate from your POS system. Allow employees to clock in and out from their own registers, and log in from your personal computer to monitor employee productivity. Use a system like the LightSpeed POS to create employee schedules, view peak hours of productivity and more.

You strive to provide the best customer experience and a variety of products. Like you, we want to make your experience stress free and productive. Browse our selection of systems and choose the one that fits your purposes best. Contact us to learn more about point of sale systems for your needs.

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