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Ever wondered how some beauty professionals make managing a business look so easy? Chances are that they depend on high-tech organization and processing solutions to keep everything moving. From sleek Clover POS systems to intuitive bookkeeping software, there are plenty of options. Let us help you find the integrated scheduling, multiple payment processing, invoicing and analytics solution to scale your business and retain current clients.

UP Solution Is Tailor-Made for Your Hair Salon Point of Sales

Take control of your hair salon with a point of sale system designed specifically for your day-to-day business needs. With its sleek and user-friendly design, you can organize appointments, monitor multiple locations, track customer visits and service history, and manage employees all in one. Its highly advanced software and easy setup make UP the right choice for your hair salon.

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Aesthetics Are Important: Choose CloverR

Your clients come to you because they trust you to focus on the details. Choose a Clover StationR for a secure point of sale solution that reinforces your commitment to aesthetic quality. Get a brushed aluminum finish and white glass elements along with industry-leading customer service and processing technology. Interact with a beautifully designed payment terminal, improve the appearance of your professional space and perform safe, speedy transactions with one integrated solution.

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SmartSwipe is the Smarter Way to Do Business

Save time and focus on what you do best by choosing SmartSwipe to handle your point of sale needs. It is a cloud-based system that uses your phone or tablet to manage your business from anywhere. This flexibility allows you to take transactions without leaving your station, as well as manage inventory and give insight to real-time activities for a fraction of the cost of other enterprise systems.

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Paying Should Be Easy

Small terminals allow you to create safe transactions with ease. The compact size takes up little space giving your space a clean, clutter-free feel. There are several different options to suit your needs. Some require an Ethernet or dial connection, but others are wireless offering you freedom and flexibility. Being ready to receive payments from anywhere in the store saves time, freeing you up to make more money.

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The beauty industry is constantly evolving. But while skincare and makeup trends come and go, you want your beauty company to be steadfast in its convenience and great customer service. Offering a swift and secure method for your busy and on-the-go customers to pay can vastly improve your beauty company. That’s where Merchant Account Solutions can help. For more than 10 years, we have offered amazing point of sale solution services to our clients. From small startups to global Fortune 500 companies, Merchant Account Solutions only delivers the best in POS services and products.

Top POS System for Beauty Suppliers

From wireless credit card services to merchant account rates, Merchant Account Solutions offers the best point of sale systems to its clients, including the compact and intelligent Clover Go and the lightning-fast Lightspeed and Revel software systems.

Merchant Account Solutions has strict criteria when it comes to choosing the point of sale systems for beauty companies. We aim to supply only the best of the best. From ease of use and set-up to monthly and swiping fees, we utilize only top of the line POS technology. This includes back-end features such as inventory management, built-in solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, and hardware.

Keep Up with the Times

In order for your beauty company to offer stellar customer service, it needs to be as quick as your busy clients. Merchant Account Solutions can help with this by supplying you with swift and secure POS systems and solutions every time.

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