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Get Under the Hood of Your POS System

As an auto repair center, you and your employees know cars and other vehicles inside and out. However, your financial concerns may be more nebulous. We’ve checked under the hood and know how to provide the most efficient and easy-to-use POS solutions for your customer transactions. Look through our vast library of POS technology to find the right machine. We will work with you to make sure you are not only satisfied, but thrilled with your new POS system.

Upgrade Your Automotive Service

Maintain a competitive edge with an online auto shop solution that streamlines your customer experience from scheduling an appointment to paying for services rendered. ShopController is a POS system that covers everything your shop needs, such as inventory, work flow, fleet management and local reporting requirements. These tools are flexible and can be customized to the needs of your shop or shops.

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Digital Tools for Your POS Toolbelt

Turn your auto shop into a place customers enjoy coming back to with loyalty programs and gift cards. With a Revel POS system, you can do just that. Other tools in this system are crafted to help increase sales through the use of well-timed promotional offers and increased efficiency. Get a reliable transaction experience by investing in Always On mode, where your terminals can withstand temporary blackouts and loss of internet access.

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Reliable Transactions and Scheduling in One Place

With a CloverR POS system, your auto repair shop gets an upgrade in the way you handle transactions, employee schedules and inventory. CloverR stations work with all common transaction methods, including mobile pay and chip ID credit cards. You can also keep track of which of your employees are scheduled when, allowing you to better serve customers during peak time periods. Finally, you can manage and order inventory with ease when you can see what’s been purchased and in what quantity. Never delay a repair again because you forgot to order parts.

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MINI Terminals With Great Power

For a compact POS solution that does everything a regular CloverR can, try the Clover MINIR. With multitasking software and scalable hardware, your small business can grow to fit the needs of the marketplace. Though the terminal is smaller, the screen size is still large enough for every task you use it for.

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Accept Credit Cards With Your Existing POS System

The Ingenico Terminal combines the best of reliability and security. This small device protects you and your customers from digital theft. Our team of customer service advisors and technical support personnel promise to be available so your device always works when you need it to. If you need a portable POS device that meets the latest industry standards and fits onto any countertop, look no further than the Ingenico.

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How a POS Solution Can Increase Customer Satisfaction

Automobiles carry precious cargo. From the first trip home from the hospital to soccer practice, families rely on it to keep them safe on the road. As a result, it’s crucial for people to trust their auto repair shop to keep it in optimal mechanical condition. Technologically advanced payment solutions can help you establish consistency and exude reliability.

A POS system functions as a cash drawer, credit card terminal and computer all in one, saving time and space. Service writers can schedule appointments, print invoices and offer additional products and services that improve customer service and can make the business more profitable. From a customer-facing perspective, these stations look sleek and inspire confidence.

Auto repair shops can readily accept EVM chip cards, debit cards and touchless payments. Offering an efficient payment solution with safe and secure transactions enables customers to be on their way quickly. Customers appreciate the smooth checkout process. The easy to learn, simple to use interface provides time-tracking solutions that make employees happy, leaving you time to focus on what you do best.

Use a full station or more compact option at the counter. Set it up as a basic terminal, or equip it with full capabilities. Customize with the apps you use the most and integrate with accounting software, streamlining your back office.

Introduce a loyal customer program with easy sign-up processes and professional looking promotional materials. Sell traditional and digital gift cards and issue store credits with minimal fuss. Customers welcome the perks, and you benefit from increased sales without increasing costs.

Analytics reports allow you detect trends and offer insights into popular products and the cost of specific services. This can help you adjust pricing accordingly and boost sales. A significant benefit of POS solutions is that they restore and record all transactions. Receipt and inventory tracking become a simple, quick task. Centralized back-office operations and simplified customer-facing processes can create positive customer experiences.

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