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B2B, B2C and hybrid companies all need similar solutions to accept payments in a variety of formats with minimal downtime and maximum security. However, each case is slightly different. It takes a payment processing provider focused on listening and problem solving to determine your specific needs. Demand the excellent service you provide to your own stakeholders. Reach out today: we’ll help you figure out which system fits you.

Clover Station


Invoices Unlimited

Terminal Solution

Make Today Your Lucky Day with the Clover Payment Station

Complete your point of sale with ultra-modern flair. The Clover POS station is a total solution from one of the most trusted names in contemporary payment processing. Maintain a clean look for your transaction space with the brushed aluminum, white glass and single-stream power adapter. Create trust and loyalty with intuitive interactions and encrypted payment acceptance in nearly every format imaginable.

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SmartSwipe Makes You a Payment Acceptance Genius

Do you have a moderate to high transaction volume in your service business? Create client loyalty by seamlessly organizing your available services, product descriptions and payment management. Offer clear pricing, detailed receipt production and a variety of payment options with SmartSwipe point of sale solutions. Better yet, get guaranteed one-day funding to the bank account of your choice from every credit card transaction you make with SmartSwipe’s processing network.

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Put Your Invoices to Work

Very few people love to deal with accounts receivable, but we want to help make it as easy as possible. Access completely organized and customizable web-based invoices with real-time data, any time you want. Set up alerts, maintain brand identity and answer time-consuming questions before your clients have to ask. Get your cash flow moving with the Invoices Unlimited system.

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The Final Word in Terminal Solutions

Finding a terminal solution that fits your business’s needs is no small task. There are many options available, from sleek Clover POS tablet systems to PC America terminals that work on personal computer networks. Make the selection process easy on yourself. Tell us a little about your business. We’ll start a discussion to find the terminal hardware and software that offers the best security, reliability and payment options for you.

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Whether you operate a merger start-up or Fortune 500 service company, Merchant Account Solutions is there when you need us the most. In this busy world of constant connectivity and on-the-go point of sale solutions, we deliver only the best POS services to your business. For more than 10 years, Merchant Account Solutions has been the go-to company for businesses across a wide range of industries, delivering only the best portable debit machine and wireless card machine systems on the market.

Best POS System for Service Business

In order for your service company to operate at tip-top performance, it needs to cater to busy, on-the-go consumers. A reliable POS system helps you to do just that, offering payment solutions to clients anytime, anywhere. They can simply dip, tap, or swipe their debit or credit cards, chip cards, or Apple or Android Pay accounts to your device, and swiftly and securely pay for your goods or services.

Merchant Account Solutions takes into account a variety of criteria to deliver only the best POS systems to your service company. These include swipe and monthly cost fees, hardware including touch screens, ease of use and set-up, back-end features like inventory management, built-in-solutions and more. From the innovative Clover Go to the lightning-fast Lightspeed and Revel POS software, you can rest easy knowing that Merchant Account Solutions has you covered.

Swift, Safe, and Secure

Trust in Merchant Account Solutions to deliver only the best POS systems and solutions on the market. The systems deliver swift and secure payment options designed to protect your clients, and your company.

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