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As the owner of a car wash, you know that the one aspect that is more important than any other in your business is quick service. Customers want to wash their car and be on their way in as little time as possible. No matter how fast you make the washing process, it is difficult to speed up the payment process. The solution is a point of sale system that accepts any kind of payment. At Merchant Account Solutions, we create the most powerful POS technology to speed up the process.

Flexible and Easy Checkout With Revel POS

Imagine a payment system that lets your customers pay for their car wash and be on their way instantly. They simply swipe their card and go. That is the kind of edge that will set you apart from the competing car washes. Finishing the entire washing process minutes faster makes a real difference and will have them coming back for future business. This is what the Revel POS offers. It is made to work with iPads, so the entire process is quick and easy. Plus, using a tablet for checkout means the Revel POS System is mobile, which is perfect for a car wash. And, of course, the Revel POS is designed to be secure and stable. Both you and your customers can rest easy knowing your money is safe and every transaction will be completed without incident.

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Today’s POS Systems Do Everything but Greet the Customer

The face of the retail POS changes every day, but the basic capabilities are always there: easy-to-use, inventory tracking and payment processing. Today’s POS systems do all of that, plus they handle the latest credit and debit card technology with ease. Need an emailed receipt? Not a problem for today’s POS system. Size isn’t an issue either, because some are so small you’ll barely notice they’re there.

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MINI Station

Mini station is a small POS that offers a compact design with big productivity. This point of sale solution accepts swipe, contactless, and EMV chip payments, all under the guise of an eye-catching piece of technology. With its sleek design and versatile options, the mini station offers the flexibility to operate your POS as a basic terminal or as one with a whole host of options and add-ons. The mini station is compatible with a number of additional POS components, should they become necessary in the future.

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SpringBoard Offers Custom POS Solutions

If you are looking for something a little more customizable, look no further than the SpringBoard point of sale system. This is a lighter POS machine that can be used with laptops, tablets, desktop computers, and more. The aspect that sets SpringBoard apart is how customizable it is. No matter what your specific needs are, you can count on this machine to meet them. It can even track inventory, management, customers, or employees. Simply put, the SpringBoard POS brings more to the table than just a checkout machine. It acts as just one more tool that you have at your disposal to make your car wash business as successful as possible.

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We Have the Right Retail Terminal for Your Business Needs

The modern terminal needs to be easy-to-use and capable of handling the changing payment landscape. With all the choices on the market today, Merchant Account Solutions has brought together top-of-the-line products in one convenient location. Whether you’re looking for a fully digital system that can track your inventory and send email receipts or you just want something to process payments for you, we’re sure we carry what you need.

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Sleek and Convenient POS System Solutions

As the owner of a car wash, you know that the one thing your customers value more than anything else is their time. They want to be in and out and get a thoroughly clean car as quickly as possible. At Merchant Account Solutions, we provide point of sale system solutions so you can expedite the payment process. We offer machines to accept credit cards, EVM chips, and contactless payments. By investing in our POS solutions, you give your customers peace of mind and the confidence to shop at your car wash.

One of our biggest priorities when designing our point of sales system machines is convenience. The point of providing this service to your customers is to make it easier for them to pay. They have more options, which means they feel comfortable using whichever payment method they prefer. Checking out is quicker too, so they can get their car washed and get back on the road sooner. And, of course, no Merchant Account Solutions POS System Solutions machine is up to our, and your, standards unless it is completely secure. All payments are safely handled, so your customers can trust you.

We have made our POS solutions even simpler. Our mobile and wireless machines are perfect for smaller businesses. All you need is an iPhone or iPad and our mobile card reader. Our software can give you just as much functionality as our customized machines. Or get a wireless retail terminal to make face-to-face transactions even more personal.

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