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If you are going to attract customers in the consignment business, it is vital that you appear professional. Add some legitimacy to your company with a new point of sale system. The payment process is one of the slowest and least convenient parts of interacting with customers, so completely expediting this aspect can make a substantial difference. At Merchant Account Solutions, we offer many different POS system options to help you find the perfect machine.

Simplicity and Flexibility With Revel POS

Revel POS strives to be that machine that will take your business to the next level. It is designed to be flexible and convenient, making use of a handy iPad. Having the payment process completed in moments, rather than minutes, is something they will not soon forget. With just a simple swipe or tap, and a few button presses, they will be done and on their way. The system is also completely secure so you do not need to worry about your or your customers’ money being safe. Between the simplicity, speed, convenience, and professionalism, the Revel POS system creates the absolute best experience for your consignment business that is possible.

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Today’s POS Systems Do Everything But Greet the Customer

The face of the retail POS changes every day, but the basic capabilities are always there: easy-to-use, inventory tracking and payment processing. Today’s POS systems do all of that, plus they handle the latest credit and debit card technology with ease. Need an emailed receipt? Not a problem for today’s POS system. Size isn’t an issue either, because some are so small you’ll barely notice they’re there.

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The Customizable SpringBoard POS System

When it comes to point of sale systems, are you looking for something modern, unique, and most importantly, flexible? If so, the SpringBoard POS system cannot be beat. It is designed to be used with a tablet, a computer, a laptop and more, giving you multiple options for how you want to handle checkout at your consignment business. Plus, the SpringBoard POS machines are all customizable, allowing you to set up your checkout process. The system also has built-in features to help you track inventory, employees, or customers. By installing a SpringBoard POS System in your consignment business, you are getting more than just a checkout machine. You are also taking advantage of advanced management software to make the entire business operate more smoothly.

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On the Go with SmartSwipe

Process payments anytime, anywhere with the SmartSwipe mobile card reader. This device conveniently attaches to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, giving you the ability to swipe debit or credit cards in a booth at an antique mall, at a farmer’s market or anywhere else your consignment business might take you. SmartSwipe features include signature capture, scheduling, inventory tracking, item modifiers, tip tracking and email receipts.

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Get the Best Retail Terminal for Your Needs from Merchant Account Solutions

Retail terminals must be simple to operate, and capable of processing transactions in an ever-changing retail environment. With all the choices on the market today, Merchant Account Solutions has brought together top-of-the-line products in one convenient location. Whether you’re looking for digital inventory tracking solutions or want to email receipts, we offer several systems to meet your needs.

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How Our POS Systems Can Help Your Consignment Business

In the consignment business, appearing professional is vital to success. One of the best ways to add some legitimacy to your business is to implement elegant point of sales system technology. A credit card reading machine or one of our other solutions makes it simple and easy for customers to make purchases and for you to handle transactions of any kind, whether they are with consignors or customers.

All our point of sale system solutions are designed to make transactions simpler. Offer your customers more options to make sure no potential sale is lost simply because you do not accept credit cards or EVM chip cards. Even among your customers that do not mind paying with cash, the option for electronic payment speeds up the process and allows you to serve more customers, reduce the time they spend waiting to pay, and make it more convenient for customers.

Merchant Account Solutions offers many different options when it comes to a point of sales system solution. Not only do we have several different types of POS machines, each with a different function, we also have many different options just among a single type of machine. We have everything from modern and sleek cash registers to classic, tried-and-true POS systems that have been used in the retail industry for years. If you would prefer something lighter, we offer wireless and mobile options to make checking customers out a breeze. On the extreme end of the simplicity spectrum, we offer a card reader which you can use with an iPhone or iPad alongside our mobile software to turn a device you already own into a powerful POS system.

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