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There is one aspect that is more important for moving companies than any other: convenience. As the owner of a moving business, you do everything you can to be as convenient as possible. And one of the most cumbersome parts of the entire experience for your customers is the payment process. It can be long and difficult, especially if you do not accept the kind of payment they most prefer. The solution is a new point of sale system. At Merchant Account Solutions, we strive to offer the best POS machines and the right solutions for your industry.

Move It Pro


A Specialized Approach to Moving Company POS

If you are considering a new POS system for your moving company, consider Move It Pro. This is a system that is entirely web-based and designed specifically for moving companies. Move It Pro offers a whole range of features that are perfect for the unique challenges your company faces when trying to meet customer needs as conveniently as possible. The system tracks not only transactions, but movers, customers, and more. Even better, the entire system is fully functional with only a tablet. That means your moving crew can handle the entire transaction on the go wherever your customers are. There is no tool better for helping moving companies succeed.

Movegistics Covers All Aspects of POS

Movegistics is a versatile POS system that is made specifically for moving companies. However, the system is designed to handle far more than just the point of sales aspects. Movegistics is a tool that you can use for every area of operation. It assists with estimates, both online and on-site, scheduling, dispatch, storage, and, of course, payment. With just one simple system, you can control every aspect of a customer’s experience. And the best part is that it can be used on phones or tablets too, so its versatility never comes at the cost of mobility. Movegistics is one of the simplest and most capable POS systems for moving companies.

Line Manager

If you need a payment solution that offers speedy processing on the go, at festivals, food trucks, pop-up events, pay-at-the-table restaurants, or wherever people are waiting to check out fast, choose line manager. The line manager is an ideal stand-alone POS, or it can be the perfect complement to the full station or mini station. Your mobile workforce just got more streamlined, and it’s been given an aesthetic boost, with the line manager. This point of sale solution easily accepts credit and debit cards, chip-enabled cards, and NFC payments, such as Apple Pay.

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Clover FlexR: The Simplest POS Solution

When it comes to POS solutions, Clover FlexR strives to fit as much as possible into the smallest package you could imagine. It attaches to phones, so you can take it with you and hand it to customers easily. Despite its small size, it still has a card reader and receipt printer and scanner. Simply put, there is not another POS system that is simpler or easier to use, making Clover FlexR perfect for moving companies.

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Simplify Payment With a Convenient Point of Sale System

If you own a moving company, you already understand the most important aspect of the service you provide: convenience. Moving is a difficult process that no one likes to deal with. Your customers are already paying you to make that process as convenient as possible, so why should the payment process be any less convenient. At Merchant Account Solutions, we provide easy-to-use and simple point of sale system solution technology to allow you to accept any kind of payment.

We understand that it can be difficult to accept electronic payment if you are on the go. With new technology, it is simple to handle transactions no matter where you are. When your movers finish transporting your customers’ furniture to their new home, they can use our wireless credit card reader or mobile attachments and software to accept any kind of payment right there and then. Our POS system solutions open up so many different options for however you want to handle your moving company’s process of accepting payment.

With our point of sale solutions, you can make it as convenient as possible for your customers. No matter what payment method they prefer, you can offer it on the spot. Our systems are also designed to be simple and easy to use. Not only does it make it more convenient through the number of options available to your customers, it also speeds up the payment process, saving them time. Turn to Merchant Account Solutions and get the technology you need for your moving company to provide the best service you possibly can.

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