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Transportation businesses have the singular challenge of applying order and reliability to often-chaotic situations. Moving goods and people is never a simple task, so don’t complicate things financially. Make moving funds as easy as possible with an integrated point of sale and invoicing system. Use these high-tech tools to accept a wider variety of payment formats, get faster resolution for transactions and improve fund transfer security.



Invoices Unlimited

Terminal Solution

Be Reliable, Be Smart: Use SmartSwipe Payment Systems

Most transportation companies aim for reliable cash flow and more payment options. Use SmartSwipe to accomplish this goal. Seamlessly integrate in real time with your transportation staff, accept orders and even apply modifiers in the form of tips or discounts. Instantly generate invoices to be delivered electronically or printed out on the spot. It all leads to one destination: more accurate and manageable payments.

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Solving Multiple Layers of Logistics Challenges

How do you handle transactions when you’re connecting businesses online? Without any face-to-face interactions, things can get complicated. Give your clients a simple e-payment option to go along with your online booking system. For example, use the simple SmartSwipe integrated solution to let potential clients request services, schedule and pay. Reach out today and see what else is possible when you take your payment processing to the cloud.

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Keep Cash Moving To Keep Up with Business

Generating invoices already takes time and careful communications with your clients. Don’t let it cost you an arm and a leg, too. Get all the invoicing power you need whenever you want with Invoices Unlimited. Brand your template for a professional appearance, set alerts for yourself and manage client reminders. It’s all included in one of the most powerful invoicing tools for transportation businesses.

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A Single Payment Pipeline

There are already plenty of variables in the transportation business. Make sure that at least your revenue is under control by using a high-tech terminal solution. Get the latest in encryption and security while expanding your transaction options to accept multiple credit cards and online payment processors. Let us show you how one simple upgrade can give your clients the peace of mind they need to remain loyal.

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Just like its customers, your transportation business is constantly on the go. From taxis to buses, vans, and trains, you want your transportation business to move as fast and efficiently as your vehicles do. That’s where Merchant Account Solutions comes into play. For more than a decade, we have offered smart and innovative point of sale solutions to companies big and small. Allow us to service yours today!

Best POS System for Transportation

A portable debit machine or wireless card machine makes it easy for your riders to swipe, tap, or dip their credit or debit cards, chip cards, or Android Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay accounts anytime, anywhere. These safe and secure methods of payment allows your transportation company to keep up with on-the-go consumers looking for ease and convenience.

Merchant Account Solutions offers a myriad of POS systems and solutions that cater perfectly to your transportation company’s needs and wants. From the smart, sleek, and compact Clover Go system to the lightning-fast software of Revel and Lightspeed, Merchant Account Solutions only offers the best point of sale solutions systems available on the market.

We use several credentials to find the best POS products and services for your business’ needs. These include monthly and swipe costs, back-end amenities such as inventory management, built-in solutions like customer relationship management (CRM) software, hardware, and ease of set-up and use.

As Fast as Your Fleet

Allow Merchant Account Solutions to make your transportation company lightning-fast to keep up with today’s busy and demanding riders. With a plethora of POS services, your company can be as fast as your fleet of transportation vehicles.

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