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Invoicing Solutions

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  • Invoice Management
  • Expense Tracking
  • Project Management
  • Estimates Creation
  • Customer Service
  • Report Analysis


Make it Easy for your Customers to Pay Online

Don’t scare potential clients away just because of a confusing online payment system. Merchant Account Solutions offers a reliable and efficient payment solution so you get your money fast with less confusion or questions for your customers.

View Current Status on all Invoices

No matter the date, Merchant Account solutions provides the history of all pending or incomplete invoices. Never doubt whether or not you’ve completed a transaction again with this summary feature that alerts you whenever you have an urgent invoice to be paid.

Know Exactly When and Where

In addition to alerts for urgent invoices, know exactly when and where you paid each transaction with a complete history of date and time for each step made in the payment process.

Set up Reminders for Automatic Payments

To make life easier for both you and your client, reminders can be set up to notify both parties when to pay when a monthly due comes along!

Choose How to Pay Each Customer With Personalized Templates

Brand yourself and your business by completing transactions with style. Add a logo or colors to any desired invoice template to create an individual voice and feel to your company.



Record Billing and Non-billing hours

Track time-based billing with Merchant Account Solutions. We offer a feature that records billable hours and unbillable hours to ensure you don’t over-or-underpay customers for each project.

Easy Time Tracking

Billable hours are recorded without fail so you can keep track of each project.

Project Expense Tracking

Along with time tracking, expense tracking is easily made with each project so you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to connect them.


Template Selection

Choose a template personalized for your business to make an impression on your customers with brand awareness. Efficient and clean, every template is created to stand out.

Check Customer Response

In addition to seeing pending or outstanding invoice requests; check up on customer response and activity for all estimates and project proposals.

Go from Estimates to Invoices in Seconds

Avoid reentering information; Merchant Account Solutions converts estimates to invoices with minimal effort on your part. At the click of a button, you’re ready to go!



View Summary Performances

Look into customer balances to view progress with a summary tracking feature for sales, expenses and outstanding payments.

Customize Reports

Impress all of your customers by organizing each report to your needs. Include graphs and your own branding to exhibit how you stand out from other companies.

Share Reports to Stay Updated

Keep your team members and clients in the know by easily sharing reports of every individual customer.

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