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About 365Villas

Programmed specifically to your vacation rental business needs, 365Villas puts you on the map for best vacation rental while increasing visitors at the same time. An organized one-unit system that sets reminders for day-to-day tasks creates a high end, efficient company with excellent customer service and no mistakes.

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Make More and Work Less

365villas lets you make more money by working less. It gives you a complete and simple short-stay property management software solution that efficiently builds your portfolio and streamlines your business. Enjoy many benefits of 365villas property management software, including boosted occupancy across your complete short-stay vacation rental and a strengthened rental portfolio.

Streamline Your Business

With 365villas short-stay property management software, you enjoy streamlining of your business that boosts occupancy across all short-stay rentals you own. Use the 365villas property management software to manage all of your properties in one place and to automate the day-to-day tasks you need to repeat for every one of your properties. When you let 365villas manage your property portfolio, you realize exponential increases in efficiency.

365villas gives you the tools and extra time needed to maximize your income, and it allows you to offer better customer service to your short-stay rental customers. You’ll experience excellence in your rental business like never before when you use 365villas. 365villas makes it easy for you to convert inquires into bookings, in just seconds, and it’s an easy-to-use software product that gives you fast conversions and error-free processes.

With just a few clicks, you can use 365villas to send customized invoices, comprehensive responses, detailed quotes, and tailored rental agreements for each of your properties. 365villas allows you to integrate online payment buttons on your property website, which makes it simple for clients and customers to pay you – and it makes you look professional! The 365villas system automates and personalizes your business while you work on other tasks like taking vacations and even sleeping.


Make Bookings Faster & Easier

Turn questions into answers and inquiries into bookings within seconds. 365Villas software sends professional, customized responses with error-free answers as extensive as you see fit including rental agreements, estimates quotes with integrated online payment buttons to make the deal right then and there. Impress potential visitors with ultimate convenience and quality customer service. This POS system can even send messages without alerting you; just set up automatic responses with personalized follow-ups to quotes in order to grow your conversion rate.

Multi-Manage With Ease

Merchant Account Solutions recognizes that a lot goes into making a business run smoothly; therefore, 365Villas software was programmed to multitask complex tasks to allow you to not worry about getting everything done in time. An integrated email feature allows you to produce, edit and send emails while also creating customized quotes and rental agreements or manage booking and payments at the same time. In addition, your calendars, reports and accounting are all updated according to your other notes. Get your email sent directly to your software system, create automated messages and respond to messages all on one POS. Respond to emails and close future books simultaneously to gain an edge unlike any other vacation rental company.

Sync Up With Any Number of Channels

This one-unit POS system works seamlessly with any number of channels that you’d like to control everything from one place. Sync up where you originally placed your bookings and listings and allow 365Villa to create a calendar for you-your days of manually scheduling events on your calendar are now behind you. Multi-task, save time and grow your vacation rental business with the calendar sync and channel manager features.

Marketing & CRM

Create a more successful marketing strategy to grow your vacation rental business at the click of a button. Instead of allowing contacts to pile up while time passes by, the best POS quickly creates an organized system for you. Make filtered lists of potential clients to send out personalized messages specific to each campaign. Make it even easier and send out professional emails directly from your account. Grow your business by enhancing your marketing strategy to reach out to more people to sell them on why you’re the most highly sought out vacation rental company.

Automated Reports & Accounting

As the manager of a successful vacation rental business, there isn’t a lot of time to spend sorting through reports and finances, so allow 365Villas to do it for you! This intelligent software takes all of the information you need to tackle this task into a manageable number of reports and tools such as Bookings, Quotes, Housekeeping, Commissions, Expenses, Profit-Loss Statements, Maintenance, Owner Reports and Taxes. Keep all of your automated reports and finances organized in one place with easy access to anything you need to be downloaded to Excel or CSV in just a few clicks.

Staff, Housekeeping, Owner and Maintenance Access

Increase communication between you and your employees with this organized POS system. 365Villas creates reports for each member of the team so nobody is blindsided when it comes to the calendar, salary or anything else he or she could have questions about. Housekeeping and maintenance staff has the power to update their progress reports and owners can manipulate the calendar to block out specific dates. You can go into permission settings to decide what you want each individual employee to see, in addition to granting permissions to individuals that you want in on private matters.

Smooth Transition

This technologically advanced point of sale eliminates the stress of manually putting information in since it does it all for you. Enjoy the smooth transition from multiple channels to one by uploading current contacts, quotes and bookings within seconds. The cloning and cross portfolio process allows you to add properties. 365Villas allows you to grow your business in an organized fashion so you’ll never have to sweat the small stuff ever again.

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