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The Unique Restaurant POS System

Intuitive and Simple Design

Aldelo Restaurant POS’s intuitive software makes it easy to create and modify orders while maintaining accuracy. Restaurant owners of a single or multiple locations will gain the right tools to bring success and efficiency to their business.

iPad Restaurant Point of Sale

Increase the Performance of Your Business

Get your hands on the Linga Point of Sale System today! It’s a cloud-based iPad POS System and offers a free open platform

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Ideal for All Types of Restaurants

Simplify Tasks at Restaurants
and Bars

The well liked features offered by the Aldelo POS system makes it the top choice for over 50,000 restaurants and bars nationwide. These full service features, which are ideal for small to medium businesses, include split/combine bills, easy to order process, inventory and customer tracking, financial accountability, loyalty programs, and kitchen productivity to name a few.

Improve Restaurant Tasks and
Customer Enjoyment

The Aldelo Restaurant POS improves the efficiency of restaurants, which allows greater focus on order accuracy and customer satisfaction. With this system, the intuitive software offers shorter training time for new employees which puts them to work quicker. This will improve productivity among the staff and increase the restaurant’s business.

Features and Benefits Designed to Empower your Business

Split Checks

Split & combine order bills.

Time Card Management

Manage employee time cards.


Flexibly print kitchen and bar tickets.


Create custom and advanced modifiers.

Happy Hour

Set automatic menu item price changes for happy hour.

Credit Cards

Process integrated credit cards.


View recipe details for items on the dashboard.


Make reservations and place customers on a waiting list.

Gift Cards

Utilize built-in gift card modules.

Owner Inspired Features Designed for Efficiency

Split Checks

Quickly split checks and seats for multiple customers.


Access sharing options for tips and teams in a Table Service setting.


Attain EMV and virtual wallet integrations and their payment capabilities.


Modify food dishes and orders in seconds.

Order Accuracy

Utilize conversational ordering features to increase order accuracy among employees.


Improve your service’s efficiency and accuracy and increase profitability.

Bar Tabs

Easily keep track of and manage multiple bar tabs.

Product Mix

Apply our robust FOH reports to optimize your product mix, manage labor, and prevent theft.


Utilize our open APIs to add interoperability and flexibility.

Improve Your Business

Efficient Software

Streamline your restaurant’s daily operations with the effective Aldelo POS.

Ease of Use

Easily manage point of sale tasks with the intuitive iOS software.

Boost Performance

Reduce wait times and improve staff productivity with the POS’s solutions.

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Aldelo POS Hardware

Hear What Our Customers Have to Say

Oscar Acosta
General Manager at Super Taco

“One of the greatest concerns for small businesses is cost. After doing our research, we find Aldelo has the best value for our money. The system has tons of easy to use features and is much simpler than other systems I’ve used in the past.”

Ashley Campbell
Owner of Campelli’s Pizza

“They offered us something new,​ without us realizing that there’s room to grow and I think that constant evolution in Aldelo is really useful for the consumer because they are always looking for solutions to things that we haven’t discovered problems for yet.”

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