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Clover 2.0R Point of Sale System

What’s New with the Clover 2.0R POS System

Point of sale system designers have often looked to the Clover StationR as the standard in innovative design, ease of use, and integrated performance. Now the new Clover StationR is arriving on the scene; storefront owners everywhere are asking what the new CloverR POS station has to offer them. We have taken a close look at the new release to see what makes it different compared to earlier options and other CloverR products.

Payment Processing News

Previous releases of new CloverR hardware were unable to accept EMV or “chip” cards out of the box. The Clover 2.0R is changing that; it is now possible to accept EMV cards without having to buy an expensive piece of additional hardware. As EMV cards are rolling out from banks, credit card companies, and other payment sources the need for compatible hardware should be on everyone’s minds. This gives retailers a greater variety of accepted payment types and provides customers with peace of mind that payments are being handled with the utmost security.

Software Redesign

Although previous versions of CloverR could be and have been placed in virtually every type of retail establishment, it was not perfectly suited to certain types of restaurants. The software has gotten a much-needed redesign to address these shortcomings; today there are more dynamic options available for full service restaurants; apps for Tables and Orders feature visual displays that are easier to manage and considerably more streamlined.

Other Important Features

What else is setting the Clover 2.0R apart? These are just a few of the features that retailers and sales managers can look forward to:
▶︎ A larger screen
▶︎ Faster payment processing
▶︎ Customer-facing printer display
▶︎ Fingerprint scanning
▶︎ Sophisticated inventory tracking
▶︎ Intuitive time sheet management tools

Clover Gift Cards

The Gift Cards app offers a simple and cost effective gift card program to easily sell digital and plastic gift cards, and issue store credit straight from your CloverR device.

Clover Insights

Get a handle on your business analytics using data from every transaction. Discover trends and easy-to-understand insights that can help boost sales, plus see how well other businesses are doing nearby.

Clover Rewards

Create a fun, effective program that rewards your most loyal customers and benefit from great features, like easy sign up for customers, complete promotional materials, integration with Perka and more.

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