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iPad Restaurant Point of Sale

Increase the Performance of Your Business

Get your hands on the Linga Point of Sale System today! It’s a cloud-based iPad POS System and offers a free open platform

Now offering a FREE 14 days trial! No credit card required.

iPad Restaurant Point of Sale

Increase the Performance of Your Business

Get your hands on the Linga Point of Sale System today! It’s a cloud-based iPad POS System and offers a free open platform

Now offering a FREE 14 days trial! No credit card required.

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Designed for All Types of Restaurants

Full Service

Best For:

Restaurants, Bars, Breweries, and Nightclubs

Quick Service

Best For:

Cafes, Food Trucks, Bakeries, and Fast Casual


Best For:

Enterprise Restaurants


Best For:

Single or
Pizza Restaurants.

Features to Help Your Business Grow

  • Works Offline

    Linga POS can function without the use of a Wi-Fi connection. You won’t need a server, computer or other devices.

  • Multilanguage & Multicurrency

    The multilingual system offers you over 30+ languages. If your language is not available, don’t fret. We can customize it for you.

  • Table Management

    With table management, you can easily calculate the number of guests; how long each guest dines; and the average check costs.

  • Split Checks

    Our advance split check feature allows you to combine or transfer items from one check to another providing a smooth checkout process.

  • Pizza by Slice

    Customers can now customize their pizzas by the slice. They can have full control over toppings and other items all at their disposal.

  • Bar Tabs

    The bar tab feature allows you to easily access open or closed tabs. You can search by name, order number, or by credit card number.

  • Optional/Mandatory Modifiers

    Linga offers optional and mandatory modifiers for food options. The POS system will recognize changes made and adjust them.

  • Custom Alerts

    Receive custom alerts via text or email when items are voided, discounted, or there is no sales activity. Stay updated with your POS.

  • Print Customization

    Customize the content on your receipts for the printer or kitchen printer. Easily choose options to convenience your customers & staff.

  • Kitchen Display System

    The kitchen display system allows your employees to see changes and reduces the waste of printed kitchen tickets.

  • Custom Roles & Permissions

    Easily setup user roles and permissions to create an employee hierarchy. You can now restrict or grant access based on their roles.

  • IoT Devices Remote Control

    Linga POS allows you easy implementation of IoT devices like Nest Cameras so you can monitor your business when you aren’t there.

  • Dashboards & Reports

    Linga POS provides in-depth reporting tools. You can easily view your net sales,
    refunds, and transactions all on the dashboard.

  • Inventory Comparison

    Access the POS inventory comparison which compares inventory costs by amount of time. You can then adjust the necessary costs.

  • Inventory Reporting

    Linga reports inventory all the way down to the ingredient level. It will automatically adjust menu prices if changes are made.

  • Payroll Reporting

    Receive payroll reports that record employee hours for the day or week. And view labor costs to decide if you are over or understaffed.

  • Sales Reporting

    Sales analysis generates your daily sales reports on the best and worst selling items, peak hours, and menu profits.

  • Food Cost Analysis

    Linga offers a food cost formula so you can calculate costs. Use the result to see which items and ingredients are most profitable.

  • Hot Spot Wi-Fi Data Collection

    Linga offes a Wi-Fi data collector that collects customer information. This will collect their name and email to be used for promotions.

  • Gift Cards

    Linga POS Pro and Enterprise offer you the ability to receive various tender options including gift cards, cash, and credit cards.

  • Customer Loyalty

    Use our customer loyalty program to grow your business. You can easily create rewards programs for your customers in the backend.

  • Enterprise Reporting

    Enterprise reporting provides consolidated reporting which allows you to group and categorize your difference stores or events.

  • Disc./Happy Hours/Gratuity

    Use our customer targeting tools available in the backend. You can apply these tools for days of the week, hours of the day, or holidays.

  • Easy Multi-Store Management

    The Linga system can help you manage more than one store or restaurant. In the backend, you can compare sales and consumer data.

Improve Your Business

Online Ordering

Use Linga POS to allow customers to order online. You can display your menu and have customers efficiently place orders to be picked up or delivered without having to pick up the phone.

Manage Inventory

Linga can track your food costs using the ingredient level inventory management system. The overall menu price is determined by carefully monitoring ingredients.

EMV Ready

Customers can receive digital receipts and adjust tips before or after a transaction with the help of the EMV function on a mobile device.

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30+ Languages and All Currencies Available

Emma Sims
Emma’s Corner Cafe, USA

“Linga is a great point of sale system and is easy to operate. The various offered features helps me run my business efficiently and it’s also quite affordable.”

John Choi
Korean Barbecue House, UK

“This point of sale system provides a lot of convenient features to help your business grow. And the support team is always available to assist you.”

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