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About RhinoFit

RhinoFit is a powerful, easy to use gym management software designed for gym owners & trainers. Using cloud-based business tools, RhinoFit has provided a member management platform to businesses around the world. It is optimized to work on both mobile and desktop devices and is scaled to support the needs of a variety of companies including small gyms or large fitness franchises. This fitness software provides all the membership management tools you need to run your gym smoothly and efficiently, saving time and money. These include features that will help simplify the billing process, class scheduling, attendance tracking, marketing, and other operational tasks.

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Best Gym Management System

The RhinoFit member management system offers many time-saving features for gym owners and managers. It allows the ability to process payments automatically, manage various types of gym memberships, track attendance, schedule reservations and classes, make appointments, and take care of financial reporting and WOD tracking.

Using RhinoFit, gym owners, managers, and trainers can simplify their gym membership management. The RhinoFit software offers an extensive suite of membership management tools to run a gym efficiently and smoothly, which saves money and time.

With RhinoFit, you can create custom gym memberships and bill your gym members automatically using integrated payment processing functionality. Build a personalized gym store, track your shop’s inventory, and sell your gym products online using the system’s product management tools.

RhinoFit offers financial reporting solutions for your gym, so you can track performance and membership sales. You can even keep track of failed payments with RhinoFit. Let RhinoFit help you schedule your gym classes by using the embedded class calendar feature. With RhinoFit, you can create custom email messages and run promotions for your gym through email campaigns.

RhinoFit allows you to set up automated reservation reminders, and it lets you distribute personalized automatic messages to staff and students – through email or SMS systems. Life for gym owners is much easier when using RhinoFit.


Attendance Tracking

Track your member’s attendance through manual entry, magnetic swiping, or barcode key scanning at your front desk. When you track member attendance, you can get a better idea of how your members use their gym membership and what types of promotions you might want to target toward them.

Product Management

Sell products custom to your gym and brand and then sell them online with RhinoFit. This feature allows you to track inventory and stay updated on how well each product is doing, as well as when you need to order more.

Financial Reporting

Access reports at anytime tracking your gym’s finances, including overall performance, membership sales, cancelled credit cards and more.

Class Scheduling

With classes all the rage at gyms across the country, create a customized class schedule to be posted on your website and even include links for members to reserve specific classes on a desktop or mobile device.

Email Campaigns

Create a brand new marketing scheme starting with email campaigns to send out to current or potential clients on upcoming events or promotions.

Powerful Automations

Notify staff or members via automatic reminders or custom messages. Whether it’s a class he or she signed up for, work hours or payment scheduling, RhinoFit is designed to alert without fail.

Comprehensive Reporting

For your own use or at your client’s request, track individual attendance and payment history in a comprehensive report.

WOD Tracking

Are your clients looking for proof of improvement? Log into individual profiles and track fitness assessments tools to watch over time how he or she is doing.

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