When Should You Switch Credit Card Processors?

There are numerous options for POS systems and other technology for processing payments. It can be hard to know which one to use, especially if they all seem so similar. You may have gone with what had the lowest merchant account cost or most gadgets, but now realize that your choice isn’t working for you. These are the signs to look for in determining if it’s to time to switch to a different payment processing system.

Security Breaches

While data breaches can happen to anyone, there is a much higher risk for small businesses. If you experience a breach, then your current system doesn’t deliver enough protection. Customers will not continue business with a company that lacks sufficient security.

Limited Payment Options

Does your current technology limit the type of payments you can receive? Swiping cards is becoming less common. Consumers are now using chip-enabled cards, mobile-phone apps, and wireless transactions. If you see an increase in your customers wanting to use these forms of payments, then you need to make sure your processing system can handle them. You may also want to consider having an online shopping cart, too. Don’t let being behind on tech advancements cause you to lose business.

Inconvenient Transactions

If your system is too confusing, slow, or problematic for you or clients, you need a different credit card processor. Customers who experience delays or frustrations during checkout are less likely to return. Some minor problems may be inevitable, as you are working with machines and computer software, but customer service should be able to help you solve them quickly and easily and answer any questions you have about how to properly use your system.

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