Verifone Ruby SuperSystems: Your Go-To POS

Fuel pumping stations have unique point of sale requirements that most POS systems don’t accommodate. Fortunately, the Verfione Ruby SuperSystem is a single-point terminal designed specifically for gas stations and convenience stores. With multiple pumps to manage and various payments to accept, this system accounts for all fuel sales in an easily managed control point.

Pump Compatibility

Automated pump control is essential to any high-volume service station. However, most cash registers cannot active fuel pumps. The Ruby SuperSystem, however, is compatible with most pump configurations and is easily programmable for specific needs. The system syncs up your sales with your fuel dispensing, providing quick, reliable customer service.

Single Point Control

When there’s 12 pumps and only one of you, efficiency is essential. The Ruby SuperSystem allows you to oversee every transaction at every pump on the lot from a single location. Manage receipts and cash payments from the register without stepping outside. The single point control terminal also lets you see which pumps are activated, how much was spent and the amount of fuel dispensed.

Connectivity Management

Your system communicates directly with major petroleum networks, c-store management and back office suppliers, keeping your operations running smoothly. Your inventory is automatically tracked and stored, allowing you to place and complete orders as needed. Additionally, you can be connected to the major brand networks, including their credit lines.

Loyalty Programs

Boost customer retention by extending a loyalty program that offers discounts and preferred rates. Unlike store cards, these aren’t credit accounts. Instead they track your returning customers’ purchases and provide incentive, such as free gas, after spending a certain amount. These can boost business and keep customers returning to your pumps.

To learn more about how your service station can improve operations with the Verifone Ruby SuperSystem, contact the representatives at Merchant Account Solutions. Call at 1-888-697-2396 or email through the contact form.

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